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Stenner resaws are a world leader in wide bandsaw technology, supplying customers around the world with a comprehensive range of horizontal and vertical resaws for primary and secondary processing and added-value production of hardwoods and softwoods, as well as bandmills and high-speed log carriages for primary breakdown and solutions for small diameter log processing.

From a compact standalone resaw to complete turnkey sawmills and mill upgrades, Stenner resaws delivers solutions to help customers of all sizes achieve high yield, top quality, more efficient production of sawn timber and wood products.

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Stenner resaws has been supplying effective solutions to the sawmilling industry worldwide for more than 100 years. The company offers full support through all stages of specification, installation and commissioning, as well as providing expert service, repairs and maintenance of all machinery in the customer’s mill.



Stenner supplies machinery for a wide range of applications including:



Pallet & Packaging



Laminated Beams

Canter Lines

Log Breakdown


General purpose resaws for green mills, dry mills, joinery workshops, furniture manufacturers, builders’ merchants etc

Stenner’s world-renowned range of radial arm resaws combines robust engineering with the latest technology to ensure versatile, high performance operation.

The range includes single head (ST models) and twin head (VHT) machines to cover a variety of volume requirements and applications, whether installed as the main production machine in a smaller workshop or providing off-line flexibility in a larger mill.

ST resaws require no pit or special foundations for installation (apart from the largest ST150 model, which requires a pit but has a steel subframe to eliminate the need for a special foundation). The machines are simply bolted to the factory floor and connected to electrical and pneumatic/hydraulic (depending on model) supplies and dust extraction. In addition, the low noise level during operation means there is no need for a sound enclosure. If the mill layout changes, the ‘no pit’ ST resaws can easily be re-sited.

VHT resaws do require a pit for installation, but enable higher productivity since two cuts can be made in a single pass.

Precision cutting is ensured by the solid ‘vibration-free’ construction combined with the effective saw blade straining system and pressure saw guides, with the tensioned thin gauge wide bandsaw blade resulting in narrow saw kerf and therefore increased yield. The radial arm provides constant pressure throughout the full operating range for accurate feeding of varying timber dimensions.

Heavy-duty cast iron pulleys give long service life between resurfacing, with cleaning fluid automatically delivered to the pad and scraper system to control of resin and sawdust build-up on the pulleys and the blade. Integrated ducting and extracting points are provided for efficient removal of sawdust.


High speed machines designed for integration in canter lines or installation behind moulders for horizontal splitting

Stenner’s MHS series of horizontal resaws offers a versatile solution for high-speed precision resawing of timber including hardwood.

Systems are tailored to customers’ requirements for applications such as canter lines or installation behind a moulder to double output by allowing thicker material to be machined and then split. For exterior mouldings such as weatherboard, the sawn finish to the rear (unseen) face of the profile increases preservative retention.

Combining accurate thin kerf blade technology, tilt option for cutting bevel angles and efficient power consumption, the MHS range offers productivity, versatility and economy, maximising the yield from the raw material.

The speed of the track feed is steplessly variable and synchronised with the overhead feed system, which provides excellent control on differing thicknesses of material.

Robust construction gives the stability needed for accurate high-speed cutting, and together with modern control systems, easy maintenance, high operational safety and strong after-sales support ensures solid performance over a long service life.

Stenner’s MHS range has proved popular worldwide, with more than 700 saw units installed in diverse applications.


Turnkey project management including design, installation and commissioning of complete sawmills and mill upgrades

Stenner resaws have been supplying the sawmilling industry throughout the world for more than 100 years and has extensive knowledge of the requirements of sawmills in different countries.

This expertise is used to supply customers with equipment that is best suited to their particular requirements for quality production and high yield from hardwood and softwood.

Stenner can offer a comprehensive service on mill upgrades, integrated lines and complete turnkey sawmills, covering planning and design of the layout, supply and installation of machinery and commissioning.

In the last 12 months alone, five complete mills have been commissioned for customers in South America, the Baltic States and the UK.

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Powerful, high speed carriages offering the latest technology for primary breakdown of hardwood and softwood

Stenner log carriages are in operation at sawmills around the world for primary breakdown of hardwood and softwood.

The technically advanced but attractively priced carriages feature the latest hydraulic technology for unrivalled control of turning and positioning, high speed dogging, AC variable speed drives and microprocessor controlled setting systems. They can be supplied with different numbers of headblocks, each of which is integrated with its own set of wheels to absorb loading shock without imposing stress on the carriage frame.

Complete bandmill systems can be built around the carriages with the addition of headrigs from Stenner’s wide range, as well as log handling equipment.


High volume production of boards, pallet material, fencing slats, carcassing and flooring components

Stenner’s range of MHS multi-head horizontal resaws is ideal for cutting fencing, pallet material and thin boards, as well as slab recovery and precision resawing of timber including hardwood.

With a thinner kerf and requiring less electrical power than a circular saw multirip, the MHS range offers productivity and economy; while modular design allows each installation to be tailored to specific requirements, including the number of heads and options such as angle cutting (ie feather-edge boards) and automatic timber return.

The speed of the track feed is steplessly variable and synchronised with the overhead feed arms, which operate as true radial arms to provide excellent control on differing thicknesses of material.

Robust construction, modern control systems, easy maintenance and high operational safety – all backed by strong after-sales support – ensure solid performance over a long service life.

Stenner’s MHS range has proved popular worldwide, with more than 700 saw units installed in diverse applications.


Stenner is a modern, dynamic company with proven capability in all areas of primary and secondary timber processing and added-value production.

Established in 1875, the company is internationally recognised for machinery that offers high quality performance over a long service life.

Stenner is able to provide effective solutions for a wide range of sawmilling applications, offering a full range of single and twin vertical and multi-head horizontal resaws along with powerful high speed log carriages and complete sawmills for hardwood and softwood.

Combining robust, well-proven construction methods with state-of-the-art control technology and drive systems, the range includes ‘wide mouth’ resaws for cutting thin boards from large laminated beams, and high-speed resaws for installation in canter lines or behind a moulder to double output by allowing thicker material to be machined and then split.

With a clear focus on the needs of customers, the company responds quickly and effectively to market requirements and pushes ahead with new developments in wide bandsaw technology for customers of all sizes.

Hand in hand with its advances in machinery, Stenner has also developed a comprehensive support package for servicing, repairing and maintaining all machinery in the customer’s mill.

Whether supplying a compact standalone resaw or complete project management for turnkey plant or mill upgrades, Stenner’s objective is to help customers achieve the high yield, top quality, flexible and efficient production needed to ensure a profitable and successful business.

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